As began of our journey, our vision is to create an entirely different kind of branding for sharpen our brand image as our coming fashion guidelines. We wanted to transform the predictable fashion into the extraordinary by combining young blood design with innovative and creativity technology, creating fashions that have significance beyond our imagination.

MBI Exchange Competition offers aspiring designers the opportunity to showcase their talent. The participants will not only represent themselves, but also their Schools, Colleges or Universities.


Requirement for participants:
1) Participants are asked to design the next season of fashion for MBI Exchange collection.

2) MBI is seeking an attractive, feasible design that could have success as a real wearable in the company’s line.

3) Participants must be current students and not employed by any fashion industry at the time of the submission.

4) The fashion must be ergonomic, and should use fabric and fabric in combination with other materials.

5) The competition regards exclusively the design of the fashion, and also all the labeling components.

6) Design must have complete top & bottom for male wear and other extra accessories if needed.

7) In case you wish to use MBI fashion logo in your artwork, please download from www.mbiv2u.com

8) The participants must complete an application form and attach required images as specified below:
a. 1 full view front image of the artwork.
b. 1 full view back image of the art work.
c. The detailing of material specification.

9) The design participating to the competition must be original work. Design must be free from copyrights and any kind of obligation. The design shall not in any way infringe any third party’s right, including but not limited to copyright, logos, trademark, trade names, or other proprietary rights of publicity or privacy. Only entries with a declaration of authorship are accepted.

10) Projects should not be currently in production, it is important that you keep your design(s) confidential until the results of the competition are published.

11) The jury will award designs and concepts which are innovative in terms of their innovative aspects. Please don’t send in vague concepts, but go a step further. It’s not the idea which is the art, it’s more the way somebody handles the idea that makes art.

12) All art works submitted will not be returned for any reason.

13) MBI reserves the right to reject submission that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate, for any reason whatsoever.

14) Contest entry deadline is 30th June 2011. All entries become the sole property of MBI. By entering, participants agree that MBI may use their submission, name, city/state, and likeness for promotion or publicity purposes without further compensation, where legal.


1) Submissions of your artwork should be in A2 size paper (type of paper is no limitation) art works should be mould on 20” x 30” moulding board.
2) A brief description of your design (English text only, explanation is expected to be very concise).
3) Every participant is allow to submit more than 1 design (1 person is entitled to win only 1 prize).
4) Deadline of submission for competition is 30th June 2011 before 5pm.
5) Please submit the final design to the person in charge of the schools, colleges or universities.
6) Certificate of participants will be given to those who provided complete submission.

No registration fees is needed, participant should submit the art works on or before the due date.

Announcement of the results
Result will be announced on July 2011, the jury’s selection is final and is not debatable.

Intellectual property rights
By submitting a design in the competition, the participant agrees to provide MBI with the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the design. This option is valid for 12 months after the competition will end. In the event that MBI exercises the option to use the rights for production on an exclusive basis and sine die (without time limitations), MBI will make an agreement with the participant for the transfer of intellectual property rights.


1st Prizes winner RM 1000 + MBI Phone Q15
2nd Prizes winner RM 800 + MBI Phone Q7
3rd Prizes winner RM 500 + MBI Phone M101
Consolation prizes x 10 RM 200 + MBI Phone M7

The top design entry will be advertorial in 商业品牌 magazine and selected candidates will be participating in MBI future activities.

Inquiries please contact:
Mr. Nidkes (014-6627333)
NO. 5M, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23B,
Pandan Indah 55100,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-92747833 Fax: 03-92748733