With over 30 years of experience in networking business, our founder,
Mr. Tedy Teow is known for his sharp mind and collaborative leadership style.

Mr. Tedy is also known as an effective team leader who fears no challenge. With a proven track record of leading and developing MBI International Group since 2009, Mr. Tedy has been through thick and thin in his attempts to be a successful entrepreneur and spiritual leader today.

Mr. Tedy’s deep passion for reaching every audience with an opportunity to sustain the personal development capacity of his team is his utmost concern. He believes in the development of high-performing teams to build the brands of MBI and broaden the horizon of his business.

Mr. Tedy serves as the CEO and spiritual leader for MBI group, Nevertheless, he is personally involved and regularly attends to all matters in the company. This has brought a positive impact to the whole group as a good role model. With his determination and belief, MBI International Group embarked its entrepreneur journey through transformation into the future.