Vouk Hotel Management


Company Profile

VOUK Hotel Management Sdn Bhd is privately owned company, established in October 2012, and poised to be Malaysia’s leading boutique hotel management company. Majoring in hotel planning, management services and innovating hospitality industry.

With corporate vision to be “the global leading boutique hotel management company”, formed by dynamic creative youth hailed from diverse backgrounds, VHM strongholds missions of inception which empower young talents to lead with novelty ideas and ultimately to excel by breaking the norm in exploring the impossibilities.

VOUK brand was developed with millennial traveller in mind, with unique hotel room design and latest in technology, for guests to connect to social spaces with self-sufficient service elements. Impact from urban generation and aim to unleash fullest potential towards branding a Versatile, Original, Unique and “Keen-to-learn” leaders with personality and character.

VHM is currently headquarter in Pearl of the Orient (Penang).

To be The Global Leading Boutique Hotel Management Company


  • To Innovate the Hospitality Industry with novelty ideas that caters to the latest generations.
  • To Empower Young Talents to lead and partake in decision making.
  • To excel by breaking the norm in exploring the impossibilities.

VOUK offers an extensive range of hotel brands that are unique and each portraying their own trademark but with the same service quality.

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