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As the industry is undergoing a monumental shift towards new digital technologies, MBI group is proud to present mface as first ever social and mobile gaming networking platform in Malaysia. It combines various existing platforms into one new element to become “The first mobile-social gaming application in Asia”. It is trendy, cool, sophisticated and yet user-friendly.

With the aim to be a part with the leading social networking website – Facebook, mface is determined to achieve its vision in gearing towards the goal with added value. mface en-capsuling social activities, games and entertainment as one on the same media platform. mface has implemented an attractive loyalty program to increase the customer’s retention rate via the redemption turning mface into a “Second Home” for customers to check their accumulated point daily.

mface has established an exclusive partnership Malaysia’s top online game new portal. Gameview to provide a brand new experience of social games platform for its player’s throughout the Asian region.. mface offering the latest, hottest media and entertainment news event, music an hosting live streaming DJ enabling the users to have live interaction with DJs.

Lead by experience and professional team, mface only have one single aim, to offer the latest, safest and most enthralling online games to players all round the world anywhere they are.

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