Let’s Emoji Countdown Party at Penang M Mall o2o


M Mall o2o Honors Present, The Best & joyful Year End Countdown Show- MY FM Let’s Emoji Countdown Party!

On 31st of December 2016, 930pm, Please come together and Join Us for Celebrate Year End Countdown party at Penang M Mall 020 Outdoor Parking lots, there will be a 10 minutes fireworks presentation to farewell 2016 and the best ever Emoji party to welcome New Year 2017.

For more information about the artist attendance list and MY FM DJ,
Please stay tune with MY FM.

M Mall o2o Honors Present, MY FM Let’s Emoji Countdown Party!

M Mall o2o comprehensive expansion, brings you a new concept, new landscape and new experience

Hey, Let’s Emoji!! We are excited to be part of this most anticipated Countdown Party!!