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ihealthy East Yellow Soil Energy Jade Mattress is the only mattress made from the healthful properties of East Yellow Soil. When applied to heat, East Yellow Soil produces a generous amount of far infrared rays, which are beneficial to our health. East Yellow Soil’s healthy qualities were applied medical journals, namely: <Bong Cho Kang Mok> and <Dong Yi Bao Jian>.

An East Yellow Soil atom contains high levels of oxygen which act as an air purifier and deodoriser. When temperatures rise above 60 degrees Celsius, East Yellow Soil is known to radiate more than 90% far infrared rays. These beneficial rays penetrate the human body to stimulate blood circulation, increase metabolism and eliminate tiredness.

Wisdom From The Past
For centuries, Koreans called East Yellow Soil the “living soil” for its efficacy in killing bacteria and viruses, and its ability to cure various diseases. Their ancestors even used it as an antidote by filtering water through East Yellow Soil to cook the medicine used in treating wounds. East Yellow Soil water was also used to cure sick animals and revive dying plants.

The Magic Of East Yellow Soil
East Yellow Soil releases higher levels of far infrared rays than common fire. When simmering herbs, a bowl made of East Yellow Soil can convey the heat better to fully extract its herbal properties. After a long and stressful day or after being caught in the rain, sleeping near the fireplace which contains East Yellow Soil will help one recover and recharge faster for the next day.

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